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I was born in the not so famous town of Leeds in the UK and at 22 emigrated to a place you may have heard of in the US, New York City. I fulfilled a teenage dream to work on Wall Street in 2006 – not great timing, but better late to the party than never. I won’t forget what it was like during the 2007 financial crisis and housing collapse, you could actually get a cab and if you went to an after-work bar you could even get a seat.

For many, it was a tough time, but I hadn’t just moved my life 3,000 miles to be disrupted by the inconvenience of a little recession, I was the CEO of thebigword Inc a language company predominately selling to banks, and I knew in order to survive we would have to pivot.

We focused on manufacturers who would trade with developing nations and the plan came off, we also went after government contracts as we didn’t believe the US government was about to slow spending, at least not with George Bush’s plan to inject money into infrastructure, businesses and the military.

We did well and grew the business by 500% before the recession was deemed over. During that time I was named in Business Insiders Magazine Forty Under Forty and won a Stevie Award – this is my bio, its my job to show off a little.

So fast forward to now, i’m still on the board of thebigword – I am actually the thebigword Group CEO and oversee all our businesses, these include TBW Global, our defense contingent workforce company, thebigword, our translation and interpreting business and GTS, our technology company. Over the last few years we broke the $100m barrier as we continue to grow.

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