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TBW Global Votes

Dear Colleague – Thank you for your input in our business. Its vital to our management team that all levels of our business are involved in the decisions we take as a business.  One of the mechanisms for you to put forward your pint of view is to vote on various business decisions that we are making.  Here are the open votes for you to have your say on:


Leeds, UK – Office Space and Location  

Firstly, don’t panic we are not leaving the area but we are going to decide whether or not to invest money to make the current office space in the Brain Works better or to move over the road into Linkup House.  Read the argument by clicking here and have your vote.


To Yammer of Not?

For those of you unfamiliar with the product, Yammer bills itself as an enterprise internal social network. It mixes the typical chat messenger application with collaboration tools available in our software provider and shared server, Office 365.  Yammer can serve as the central hub for team collaboration and from within a Yammer discussion, teams can set up meeting appointments using Outlook, switch to a full-fledged Skype for Business video meeting, and access OneDrive for Business to create collaborative documents.  Do you want us to implement such a tool?  Click the link to have your say.


Leeds Holiday Party 

What would the Leeds Office like to do to celebrate the up-and-coming holiday season.  Click the link to have your say.

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